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Work in Patterned Tile to your Design

Patterned tile has found it’s place in the 21st century of design and it couldn’t be more welcomed. There’s literally dozens of places to put it to use and here are our favorite ways to work in patterned tile to your design.

Fanatical Fireplace

Adding tile to a fireplace wall is relatively easy and inexpensive. ALMOST as easy as a coat of paint… with a little help 😉 and makes a HUGE difference. If you pair it with natural materials such as a raw wood mantel and mid century planter… you’ve got yourself an organic space.

patterned floor tile - TCI

Snazzy Small Space

In an otherwise white box, a pattern on the floor makes everything else meaningless and not necessary

patterned floor tile - TCI

Tile Accent Wall

Move over wallpaper accent walls — and make room for tile. This moroccan inspired clad wall brings a flair to the space that nothing else could.

patterned floor tile - TCI

Backsplash Beauty

Add a backdrop to your cooking projects like never seen before. Colorful cement tiles create a natural look that requires little upkeep and easy installation.

patterned floor tile - TCI

Single Room Reno’s

Make a rug optional when you cover the floor with a stark pattern that only wants to be shown. Keep the rest of the design simple and add a bold pattern on the floor to take the cake

patterned floor tile - TCI

Grand Entrance

Concrete tile is an excellent and sturdy choice for an entryway. Slip resistant, ready for heavy traffic AND cuts out the need for a rug.

patterned floor tile - TCI
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