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Our accessible team offers an individualized catalog of services customized to the lifestyle and personality of each client. We work closely with architects, builders and artisans — overseeing all of the intimate details of the design project — to ensure the new build, renovation or furnishings experience is exceptional.

Luxury Interior Design Services

Full Service Interior Designers in Dallas TX


  • Commercial and Residential Projects
  • Interior Construction Design
  • Interior Space Planning
  • Architectural Detailing
  • Furniture Layouts
  • Furniture, Artwork and Accessory Selection
  • Custom Furniture
  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Lighting Design and Fixture Selection
  • Window Treatments and Upholstery Design
  • Cabinetry Designs
  • Renovation Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Online Design Services
TCI Services



Design Delivered is a turnkey online décor, furnishings and remodeling design option from the Traci Connell Interiors team. Whether a room is in need of a full renovation or simply a design facelift, we offer a customized, online solution.

Pick one room, multiple rooms or the whole house, and our designers will understand your needs and email a custom Design Delivered Plan (in approximately six to eight weeks) directed and approved by Traci. Each plan includes furniture and material selections, fabric and remodeling finishes, a detailed floor plan and a shopping list ready for you to implement.

Ready to start your project?

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Design Delivered
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