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The 411 on Grout Colors

It’s that small detail that usually gets forgotten until the last minute… grout color.You might spend hours selecting and sourcing the perfect tile … but the detail that is grout can make or break even the most perfect tile! So what’s your choice. We are here to tell you the in’s and out’s. The 411 on Grout Colors — Read on.

White on white.

This gives a small room a larger appearance. It gives a streamlined, clean and slab look.

Gray on white.

A soft approach to revealing the shape of a white tile.
Or even a particular lay of tile. Brick lay can come to life with a contrasting grout color

Black on white.

For a REAL pop … go for the stark contrast of black grout to show off that unique herringbone zigzag pattern or brick lay

 Black TILE –

Reverse the rules from above —
Black on black for the streamlined effect

Look down! Black on WHITE! White grout makes these hexagons REALLY stand out.

Gray on COLORED tile.
A soft, clean approach to deciding what will contrast with the color. Instead of trying to figure out what hue matches what hue, go for gray to match it all!

COLORED grout.

Feeling bright?!?! Be Bold!
Pick it right and you’ll have the perfect combo of tile and grout!


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