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New and Improved Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchens are multi-functional spaces. People gather, people work, people cook, and people lounge. So what can we do to make a room like this, fit all those titles?? GLAMOUR-GUARD it in ways you’ve never thought of. Here are some new and improved kitchen storage ideas!
Yes, we’ve talked about our love of quartz and everything durable, but what about those special ideas built into the space itself? Here are some tips:
1. Build a workspace into the island. One that can come and go as needed, just push it back in for more space.

2. Separate charging drawers for each of our technology pieces

3. Barn doors on pantries are now all the rage


4. Pull out drawers large enough to house small appliances and keep them out of sight

5. Cabinet hung spice racks

6. Special drawers that tuck away the “messy” kitchen utensils

Each of these ideas turn heads and blow minds. Let’s put them to work!


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