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Laundry Room Organization

Laundry rooms seem to be places that suck you in. Keep your time occupied and ALWAYS leave you defeated. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Make it a cheery room. Organization is one way to make your brain feel put back together. These are your must have’s for the key to laundry room organization:

Supply Bins and Roomy baskets with handles:

laundry room design 1

Hanging Rod : It doesn’t have to ugly! Make it practical AND beautiful. Pull out the industrial look with pipes used as a rod or custom build a pull out wooden option.

laundry room design 2

Glass Jars : Easy to see in and house your most needed items – clothes pins, stain removers, dry detergent, the list is endless. Its pretty AND useful.

laundry room design 3

Lost and Found Vessel: Yep you know you need it. Go ahead and find a basket (that’s cute) to store all the things you find in pockets.

laundry room design 4

Space and Basket for Hand Wash Items: Laundry that needs to be hand washed, or has an area that requires special treatment, deserves a dedicated spot.

laundry room design 5

All images are projects of Traci Connell Interiors.


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