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Cabinet Drawers You’re Missing

We all have “those” cabinet drawers that accumulate JUNK. And they usually drive me crazy … but I can’t avoid having them. Well these 6 drawers not only make me super jealous, but also ready to implement ALL of these in every.single.home….. including my own. Here’s the best cabinet drawers you’re missing!
Starting with my personal fav …


I mean .. come on….. does this even need an explanation?!
 candy drawer - traci connell interiors

The Cutting Board Drawer:

This is not your typical cutting board drawer .. because we’ve seen that before. This has a hole in it that drops directly into the trash can. Bring on the onions .. I’m ready to chop!

The Trash Can Drawer:

Yes, we’ve seen the double trash can drawer as well … but not with a special slot for the extra trash bag boxes!! I always go on a hunt for the extra bags … not anymore.

 The Plate Drawer:

No more sliding around or extra stacking necessary. These specially placed pegs hold each plate in every size perfectly in tact.

The Spice Drawer:

Who twists and turns each spice bottle every time you go to search for one? Well, this easy to view spice drawer eliminate this problem!

The Baking Drawer:

With measuring tins, each ingredient is available and ready to go!
See how a drawer can be so much more than just a drawer??


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