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Happy Mother’s Day and more~

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 
…and Happy Mother’s Day to the rest of you Mom’s out there!
I wish I had the privilege of spending today with my mother,
but distance has certainly gotten in the way-
On the flip side, I wish the one in the middle could spend the 
day with her mom, as well.  Yet again… the distance thing as well as
“the work thing!” Nonetheless, the two ladies above are two of the most 
important and influential people in my life. 
One who has been the best mom ever and 
one who will be in the future~
But… there’s more
more kids that is-
I’ve had the great pleasure of spending my Mother’s Day weekend with them-
First, Friday night with the little sweetie at 
her volleyball banquet
and Saturday with this handsome guy doing some charity work.
One of the best parts of being a mom is spending quality time with your kiddos.
Mom’s of teenage sons in the Dallas area, if you don’t know about
… take note of the message below
Think of it as Junior League… but with your son:)
We headed down to Victory Park at O’dark thirty Saturday morning, hoping to 
catch a few leftover glimpses of the celebration of the Mavericks playoff win in the Plaza-
My son and his friend did think they scored when the blonde Channel 8 meteorologist
came out to interview the boys about the 10 year anniversary of YMSL
The boys did compose themselves as we completed our charity work of creating
gift bags for 50 teachers who work in the downtown area

Complete with handwritten notes from the boys-
We had a great time,
headed to a double header volleyball game and then
I did something that made me happy~
planted flowers

My mom loves to garden and when I have the time,
I love it too~
Here’s a shot of her yard in their last house
If you are spending your mother’s day
potting your planters-
Here’s a peek at a few that caught my eye…
Take the break and enjoy your Mother’s Day…
you deserve it!

Until next time,

Images via*, Google images, Picasa and moi!

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day and more~

  1. When you called today, I forgot to thank you for my Mother's Day gift which I love, but I didn't realize the best gift was yet to come. Your Mother's Day blog meant so much to me, and it exemplifies the mother you are. You give your all to your kids which is evident in what they are now and what they will become in the future. That's where I'm now; today is my future and I'm so proud of Tom, Traci, and Tricia. What a great Mother's Day.

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