Giddy over Greenhouse!

Saturday morning at the Connells:
Me:  Oh my gosh!  Ahhhh!
Husband:  What’s wrong? (yelling with concern)
Me:  New fabric books have arrived!!!  It’s Christmas again!
Husband:  “Silence… birds chirping”
I do not think Mike was as equally excited about the new shipment of sample books from Greenhouse Design. Upon a quick browse, I saw several swatches that I can propose to current clients… but best of all- for yours truly! 
As a designer, you can imagine all the great things I find on a daily basis and I have to “love it” at first glance to put it in my own home… and boy, did I love two of them.

My next move was to look at it in the space where I wanted to add fabulous drapery panels… my dining room.  Instead of silence, I did hear a “sigh” when Mike saw the fabrics propped on the chair and I’m sure he was thinking… “here she goes again”.
So, as I have to ponder over your selections until I know it is right… I ponder over my own as well.
Here are some other fabulous finds that you may want to use in your home:
        Love the apple green and lattice print 
Always trying to incorporate blue with green and red
Fresh geometrics!
I have my favorite picked for my dining room… let me know which is your vote!
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