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The Birth of a Blog

Welcome to my new blog  Classic… with a Twist! My goal is to share the enthusiasm and passion that I have for interior design by providing you with design inspiration, tips and trends as well as showcase client work (with a few funny stories along the way:).

Here are a few upcoming features of Classic… with a Twist:

 *Designer tips of the trade

 *Q & A section for you!
 *What’s new? Upcoming trend watch
 *Catalog of beautiful spaces
 *Traci’s Favs
 *Past and current client work including remodels in action
 *Photos of my own home and “how to” solutions
 *Design projects: watch how the process works!
 *and eventually… GIVEAWAYS!

I love all things classic (with a bit of the unexpected thrown in), so visit often and leave comments… I look forward to sharing my fabulous finds with you!

To give you a preview, here are some rooms that make my heart skip a beat
Do we see a pattern here???
(Don’t worry… I actually love all design styles and colors- not just blue!)

Until next time,

*images by Michael Petrino, Tobi Fairley and Sarah Richardson

3 thoughts on “The Birth of a Blog

  1. Hi, Traci. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog – and I'm honored it's your first comment as a blogger. 🙂 What a funny series of similarities between us!!! I almost never meet other Traci's with an "i" – much less all of those other things. Too funny. I am really looking forward to reading your blog. My best tip is to read the blogging advice that Maria has given at Colour Me Happy – she really nailed it in my book! I'm going to go look for you on Twitter, too. I'll look forward to keeping in e-touch!

  2. Traci,
    You need to look at Integrating Home Automation in your product line. You can program lighting scenes for any room in the house and there are some retro-fit solutions out there.

    Denny Krulac

  3. Okay — i'm officially a stalker…I read every post!! If you happen to comment back, just reply in email bc I don't know which posts I've commented on! 🙂

    Nice to 'meet' you!

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