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Creative Consoles

Stuck on designing an empty foyer… or a lonely hallway?

And…You have this skinny table, somewhere pretty prominent in your home…
what do you do with it?!

Here are some tips for using and accessorizing your 
console tables throughout your home!

If your console doesn’t have any storage beneath, use it for extra seats!!
This would be great for areas you don’t have a lot of seating,
but don’t necessarily need it all the time.

Pinterest Source
A simple vase and bowl can jazz up a simple console. No need to clutter.


Mirrors over consoles are always nice, and usually a good way to make the room feel larger.
Flanking both sides of the console with a decorative table lamp can ease the symmetrical feel.

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For a more casual look, be asymmetrical with the placement of vases and only use one lamp.

Very minimalistic look here, a similar glass table can be found at High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home
Layer a few pieces art and tilt them up against the wall for a more casual look
 instead of attaching them to the wall.

Pottery Barn

Over sized piece of art?? Try it, you might like it;)

Make use of the bottom shelf of consoles by stacking books and accessories

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A few “Deal Finders!!” for you!

Haute Box $299

Target $249
And this I just love and it was a deal finder in itself!! High Fashion Home $299

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