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CI Design Delivered Project: Transitional Living Room Space Planning!

Our FIRST CI Design Delivered project!

We recently completed our very first “Designed Delivered” Living room 
and Kitchen Remodel. Take a look below for a sneak peek of the
 design and to find out 
what the buzz is all about!
Don’t forget to visit Connell Interiors to learn more about it!!
This particular client had an excellent taste 
for transitional design. She loved greek key
chevron and trellis patterns
which were able to incorporate all of them!

You will receive a rendered floorplan from the 
dimensions and measurements that you supply us with:


And rendered elevations for your aid in 
installing and creating!:

Visit our CI Design Delivered page to learn how you too can get the
Connell Interior Style in your own home!

Yes, YOU too can be a do-it-yourself’er”! 
We thought of several great tips for living room design 
and space planning during this Design Delivered project 
that YOU could implement TODAY!:

Here are some major points thanks to Houzz and Nest to consider 
when planning the layout of your room:

1. Create seating arrangements that can actually be used.

Can you chat with a friend without yelling? Allow them to be flexible.

2. Allow ample space for moving through a room.
Do you have to squeeze by the coffee table? 18″ is the standard distance to allow 
from a table to a sofa or chair. If your space is tight, you can cheat a 
little and go with 15″ — but not less. 

Candice Olson Design
3. Place the largest pieces first :
 In furniture arrangement of any room, the major piece for the 
primary activity of the room must be considered first – 
the sofa in the living room

4. Be aware of traffic patterns
You can direct the flow of traffic through furniture arrangement. 
Leave a minimum of two and a half feet for walkways and avoid 
flowing traffic through a conversational grouping if possible. 
5. Let your personality shine through
Ultimately, your home is an expression of who you are. Design your rooms 
so that you are comfortable, with a realistic eye on your own taste and habits 
rather than relying on a picture from a magazine. After all,
you’re going to be living there.
 Let us know if WE can help you with your living room space plan!
Until Next Time,


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