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Color Therapy in Design

Did you know colors can actually “mean” something? YES! It’s called color therapy. Choosing the right colors to invoke the atmosphere you desire. Using all white is becoming quite the fad lately but we’ve found many ways to break the “white” and be BOLD:
Pops of color, accent walls, trim work, etc
But what’s your color of choice?? Read on to find YOUR hue:

Color Therapy At Its Best

Represents hope and is the best mood enhancer you’ll find
yellow color therapy
Fearless and energy is what orange brings and opens the conversation of any dinner party
orange color therapy
Red is the color of love. Its loud, bright and can be a scary choice for clients. Be Bold!
Red color therapy
Easy-going and unexpected and the perfect balance to cool white paint
Purple Color Therapy
Reminds us of the sky on a sunny day. Vibrant, serene and natural
Blue Color Therapy
What’s your color of choice?? TCI has many favs 😉