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Make your bathroom wall go WILD.

The latest and greatest trend in a small OR large bathroom is to tile-play. Make your bathroom wall go WILD.
What does that mean? Get crazy with your tile. Don’t play it safe. Pick something that looks insane in the showroom, but will wake you up in the morning with a bang!
AND Its our little secret — This can give your bathroom the look of LUXURY you are looking for, without much upkeep. Tile is easy to clean, and will take up a large space… thus eliminating the need for art.
The larger the pattern, the bigger impact it has.


REPETITION: The same larger pattern on repeat creates rhythm and sanity for a busy yet powerful wall.


ABSTRACT: The various tile work that is actually artwork to the room gives the room a “cleanable” way to decorate


COLOR: Don’t bring in just pattern, but in a fun and whimsical room… pop the color!


SMALL PATTERN: And yes sometimes a smaller pattern can be just the ticket for the space. A more form fitted pattern helps to find a reason in chaos.

Turn those bathrooms into something NEW!



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