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Client Update: Kate’s Space and a Spruce for Bruce!

Remember this post?
and this room for Bruce?

With some secret sourcing and a wave of our wand…
we now have this!

which includes some of new finds:

A spruced up Man Cave for Bruce-
…on our way to Kate’s Space on the other side of the house,
we passed by this:

which magically became this:

Loving the way the black color is integrated into their home and it makes
such a great impact!  Bruce’s mantle was also give a new coat of
black paint with a bit of rub through… what a change-

Here’s Kate’s Space BEFORE:

and Viola… AFTER!

Artwork on left wall BEFORE:

and AFTER:

Remember, scale is everything my friends!

Here’s one of my favorite parts… art on the back wall BEFORE:

and AFTER:

Loving the birds, antique mercury glass lamp and the Egg prints!

Thanks to my little elves~ Noelle, Julie and Fred:)

Until next time,

One thought on “Client Update: Kate’s Space and a Spruce for Bruce!

  1. Little elves are the best! I'm loving the artwork especially!

    PS – when you get a chance, will you please delete me from your blog roll and then add me back? When I moved to WordPress, it changed the feed … which means it looks like my blog isn't updating … and it is! 😉 Thanks!

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