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Part I: House Beautiful: 5 Surprise Design Details

Do you read home decor magazines in the carpool line? at the gym? at the nail salon? I try to 

scour my favorites any time I can! One of my go-to shelter magazines is House Beautiful 
and if you are stuck waiting for someone (or something), open a copy or check out
 on your Ipad to get your daily design fix.

I did just that… and this is what I found. Something I said I would do this year… and still plan to. 

Add surprising decor details to your rooms 
to create the unexpected!  

I’m featuring ten spaces and here are the first five ideas from 
House Beautiful that get noticed! Try adding a quirk… Texas style!
Surfboard Coffee Table
“Purchased from a vendor who makes tables out of vintage surfboards and skis, the coffee table
 in the family room of this Cape Cod beach house gives the room a relaxed, lived-in feel. 
“Every room should have something that makes you smile,” says designer Annie Selke.
Anyone can see this room is well put together, Annie Selke’s fabrics really help to enhance the beach house as well as the custom Surfboard Coffee Table. But not many Texans are going to want a surfboard sitting in their living room. So how about something original that fits your life style, such as a tree trunk slab, old fashioned suite cases, or even an old wood door. Make design your very own.
Mirrored Cabinet Doors
This is a neat trick if you feel like your kitchen just isn’t big enough, plus no one will 
ever be able to sneak up on you:). The mirrors trick the eye into believing there is space 
beyond the actual space, giving you an expansive kitchen that isn’t expensive. Already have 
glass paned cabinetry?  No problem, just insert the mirror in the back of the cabinet and 
this will give you the same affect plus prevent fewer finger prints all at the same time. 
But you don’t have to stop there, reflective hardware, and light fixtures can help to keep 
this open and lighter than air theme going throughout your kitchen.
Rattan Hanging Chair
This is a pretty sweet sun room, don’t you think? Very cool, and retro. Although the rattan 
hanging chair is an awesome accessory for this room, it isn’t always the practical option. 
If hanging your chair from your ceiling isn’t a possibility then why not try a newly 
shaped wing-back chair, or curvy chaise. It’s easy to dress a room up or down 
depending on what you put in it, for instance a wing-back chair doesn’t always have to be 
formal, with a bold graphic fabric, accessories, and lighting we can achieve this same 
quirkiness as the hanging rattan chair.
Dress Mannequin
Ok, ladies this is something we could all use in our bedrooms, and no I’m not talking about 
an ice cream machine or a Starbucks Barista. How many times have you see a dress 
mannequin an antique shop? Well next time grab it and use this creative little gem.  
Toss your purse over, or hang all your accessories across it. Here is a chic way to lay 
your clothes out the night before…actually you can see what the whole picture looks like 
before taking the time and energy to try on all your clothes. We are all about saving time!
Can you Canoe?
This is a really cute idea if you have the space and personality for it. Who knew that hanging a 
canoe from your ceiling could be such a design inspiration? Now for this Idaho barn-style house, 
the canoe fits in very nicely but not so much down here in Texas. But use this idea… it doesn’t have 
to be an oversized object but the thought is very smart. Use your wall space and take full 
design advantage of your home.

Stay tuned for your next 5 Surprise Design Details!

Until next time,
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