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Bookcase Styling 101

Designing bookcase accessories can be a tricky art! Thats why we are hosting a Bookcase Styling 101 blog today.
We are here to tell you the in’s and out’s of a bookcase and how to make it look magazine ready!

Bookcase Styling 101

1. Turn books on their side:

One little tip we always practice is not only rotating books from upright to on their side, but also facing pages out instead of spine out to give a look of uniformity
bookcase styling 101 a

2. Add “objects”:

“Found” objects, small sculptures, or unique items help to break up books
bookcase styling 101 b

3. Bring in framed pieces:

Whether it is framed family photos, or framed art, we love to bring in color in this way
bookcase styling 101 c

4. Repeat similar elements:

The key to a bookcase is to not get it too busy. By repeating similar patterns and elements you create a rhythm and purpose to the shelves
bookcase styling 101 a

5. Love negative space:

Don’t add TOO much. Embrace open and empty areas
bookcase styling 101 e
Happy bookcase decorating!