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5 Trends at Winter Market 2018

We’ve been doing our research, learning about what all the Las Vegas Winter Market had to offer since we’ve been knee deep in beautiful designs over here in Dallas. As always though… we’ve got to stay up on our trends and what could spark some creativity in our head! Houzz has done a great job keeping us informed on what was up at market (pic sources here!), so here are some of our favorite 5 2018 trends at winter market 2018.

Wood Veneers:

Gone are the days of matching veneers! There are tons of beautiful ones out there so MIX and match them and their finishes! From polished to matte… the options are endless.


You may think you’re seeing a flash back or a vision from Miami… but these colors in every type of medium known to man are being promoted! The urban , young and hip clients are digging this.

Mix metals with Black:

Black with gold or brass shows contrast, life and boldness that so many people strive for.

Mid Century Modern:

This look is turning more class by the “century”. From what used to set tone for a certain time period, it is becoming ever-so ageless.

Rounded Sofa:

These curved sofas have the perfect place at the end of a bed, in a niche or to delineate a space!

Ready to start off the year strong with a strong game of NEW.