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Wash away your Milkwash Cabinets!

Rule #1 
Never mix a white cat with wet brown stain…
uh oh, a permanent new streak on top of her head!
At least her beautiful green eyes draw the most attention!
Rule #2
If you have pickled woodwork in your house,
listen to me!
Here’s a bad Iphone picture of my client’s family room before:

and after:
For a fraction of the cost of new moldings and paneling, 
a new look is on the way!
Isn’t is beautiful??
Here’s the process:
(with a few skipped steps!)
1. Pickled wood is painted this creamy color
2. Glaze applied magically
Yes, my friends… paint and glaze- not stain…
no sanding, no stripping

The photo below shows the inside of the pickled drawer on the island
and the beginning of the end- we then added some dark glaze for shadowing effect

Love how the glaze is applied heavier on the details of the moldings
Family room woodwork as well as crown and base moldings are being darkened 
while the kitchen gets a fresh coat of tea stained blue!
The color?

None other than the sister of my Sherwin William’s Oyster Bay…
Comfort Gray
*just a bit lighter*
Testing the technique right on the wall- do not try this at home!
We were deciding whether to add the umber glaze or not,
and we decided a light coat was in order…
working the way up:)
So there is a fix to disguising your milkwash cabinets…
especially those of you who have the Plano Pink variety!
Call me and we’ll get rid of it forever, since I 
don’t think they will be coming back!
Until next time,

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