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Treat Yourself to Indoor Trees

Yep, we said it. INDOOR TREES. <insert gasping face>. No we aren’t talking about that dusty faux bush greenery shoved in your grandma’s attic. BUT we are essentially talking about an idea similar. Don’t stop reading. I know it sounds bizarre, but certain.. yes only certain types of greeneries ARE making a come back. Modern looks, clean looks, treat yourself to indoor trees.

  1. They can double as an accessory or art piece

indoor modern trees

2. A modern tree in a sleek planter can fill that empty awkward space.

indoor modern trees 1

3. These pieces of nature can help incorporate the theme and feel of the space.

indoor modern trees 3

4. It can BE your color scheme in an otherwise neutral space.

indoor modern trees 4

5. Want to feel like you’re on a vacation ALL THE TIME? Add them to a wet room for a way to bring the tropical feel indoors.

indoor modern trees 5

6. They add comfort to a sterile looking space.

indoor modern trees 6

Don’t rush off and grab just any old tree though. We are specific here. Fiddle leaf and fig trees are the way …and ONLY way to go.