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STYLE THAT: Kitchen Edition

Each and every area of the home has a unique way of being styled that makes it just as important as the next. Today is STYLE THAT: Kitchen Edition
We’ve discussed bookcases, nightstands and china cabinets … today we tackle the arguably the most important statement in the home.
The Kitchen
1. Large Statement Vases in Color Scheme-
Choosing a pair of tall ceramic pieces within the color scheme will instantly spruce up an island or empty corner without cluttering
TCI project
2. Less is Best-
Instead of lining up the toaster, blender and kitchen aid mixer… neatly tuck them away in a cabinet and choose small groupings of glass cloches or vases to stack in corners of the kitchen cabinets to pop a color or texture or interest instead of a messy appliance.
TCI project
3. Whispy Florals:
Bring some height to your room by adding a tall vase of faux whispy florals for a change of texture and medium
TCI project
4. Food Items as Decor:
You guessed it! Speaking of a kitchen…use items such as lemons for a yellow color scheme, oranges, etc to add to a bowl will bring a natural element to the kitchen
TCI project
Cook up some beautiful designs!