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The Perfect Panels

Gentle persuasion pays off!
Back in July, I wrote about a new project for my DINK’s, which you can read about here,
and we are at the half way point to completion! 
When we finished the living room  tv room a year and a half ago, I just knew
we needed window treatments to highlight the bay window. 
Mrs. DINK loves her simplicity and decided against them.
Along comes a great fabric and in turn…. great draperies! 
 We installed on Friday, check them out!

I will get a full view next time I am there, but how great are these!
Now we are waiting for the kitchen table and chairs to arrive- do you know how
difficult it is to find a classy wood table top with a protective finish????? 
We did!
Can’t wait to see the white dining table and chairs with red leather pleather seats!
Oh, la la!
I brought a few options for artwork in the kitchen on Friday as well. 
Mrs. DINK and I love this choice…
Hope Mr. DINK does as well.
Here’s a few pics of how panels can finish off your room-
Nice choice using grommets
A splash of apple green!
How fun!
I like the way they are installed right on the molding-
If you are thinking of adding window treatments before the holidays, call me asap! 
Until next time,

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Panels

  1. That room totally needed window treatments … and they look FABULOUS!!! I love them! Would love to know where you ended up for the kitchen table. I was searching for one with a protective finish and ended up choosing a "custom" one from Bassett with their Endurance Finish.

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