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Painting the Perfect Picture: A Week at the Beach!

The Lazy Days of Summer!
We just returned from a week at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina- what a treat!
Lots of lounging at the beach in beautiful weather, bicycle riding through lush greenery
(it is literally a mini rain forest),and making wonderful memories with extended family.
All 15 of us stayed at this gorgeous beach side house… rock star amenities!
However, I could not leave the work in Texas!  What is wrong in this picture?
If you guessed this shrieking paint color… you are right! 
I couldn’t let it go, but I did refrain from leaving a note with new paint color suggestions
 (instead I left my business card on the counter:)
The drapery panels were the obvious start for the color inspiration… but, oops…they missed!
Bad news… the house is up for sale and not likely to sell with that kitchen wall color
Good news… it’s only PAINT!
We don’t want our kitchen to look like our pool algae!
Let’s try these instead!
Here are some tips from my ezine this week on how to select the perfect paint
color for your kitchen.If you are not a subscriber,
don’t miss out- subscribe now!
  • Use your clues! In this case, I would have selected a green tone from the window treatment fabric.
  • Sample Boards! Instead of painting samples directly on the wall, test on at least an 8×10 sheet and move it around the room to see how the paint reacts to different lighting.

  • Cabinet Contrast! If your kitchen cabinets are a honey color, steer clear from a yellow that may blend in too much. Go either lighter or darker for a contrast. Be careful using a deep terra cotta with dark wood tones as well.

  • Are you warm or cool? What colors do you like? Warm colors such as red and yellow are stimulating and tend to increase appetites while cool colors like blue and green are relaxing and may decrease it. If you go warm and gain a few pounds, don’t blame me!

  • Be consistent! If your family room is attached to the kitchen, choose a tone that relates to your sofa accent pillows or artwork- as long as it works with the other elements in your kitchen.
Last tip: take a look at the pic below. House Beautiful magazine has an interactive
tool on their website that allows you to try different colors in rooms without
running to the paint store!  Try it!
Paint colors are a specialty of mine, so call me if you are stuck in a rut!
Now for more fun-
Mike and nieces, Tess and Caroline (me practicing my photography skills… lookin’ good)
Austin in action
Mini reunion with childhood friends (sister, Tricia in turquoise, brother Tom, Julie and Tara)
Sweet Parents xxxooo- Go Dawgs!
How could they resist?
Back in Texas and back to work! If you have a favorite paint color for kitchens,
leave  a comment… I’d love to know!
Bye Bye Beach!
Until next time,
Images via: Moi


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