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Local Plano Dermatologist gets a Makeover!

Okay, maybe not a facial makeover, but a spacial makeover… (reaching??!).

Still getting back into the groove from vacation and am happy to say that I completed another commercial installation this week…this time at a dermatologist office in Plano.  While I love designing residential projects, corporate spaces are right up there with them! At times, we can step out of the botox  box a bit more- and for Dr. Skin, I believe we did!

For the record, the ultimate goal for Dr. Skin was to provide his clients the most comfortable chairs without breaking the budget.  We both agree that we tried every known chair to man but in the end… nailed it!

As most design projects begin, I started with completing a computerized floor plan to determine the maximum amount of seating we could include in the waiting room while still allowing adequate traffic flow.  With four options presented, Dr. Skin chose this plan-

Now, that we got the nuts and bolts out of the way, I was wide open for inspiration direction with this project with the exception of the carpet, walls and artwork. So I chose an existing piece that I loved and rolled from there… here it is

The turquoise, aqua and gold lead the way which lead me to this beautiful fabric combination:

Here is where we started…
And where we ended:
Changes include more seating, more storage, more comfort and style!
(side note: Spiderman kid’s nook was also existing:)
Check out the additional before and after shots of the reception area:
Interestingly enough when I was at Market a few weeks ago, I did happen upon the same color combination in a showroom and knew that I had struck gold with this project!

Another beauty by Sterling Industries

So, if you want to wait for your doctor in the most comfortable chairs in town, call me
and I will give you the scoop!
Until next time,
Images via: Moi


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