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My Weekend: Bows, Spandex and Nailheads

My weekend was…..

Not because of Halloween, but because of
13 year old Club Volleyball tryouts!
If anyone is reading this and has a close connection to NTR,
I’m pretty sure the selection system needs to be changed!
After lots of stress and lots of candy, my little setter achieved her goal and
moved up a team at her current club, Madfrog. 
Congrats to her and all her sweet friends who also made difficult decisions!
Nailing down the offers went hand in hand with sticking nails in my eyeballs,
but on a posititve note, I am happy to bring you something really cool
(and a bit safer) to do with nails!
Use them on your walls (and not in your eyes)~
Another report from the Kaleidoscope of Homes:
Harlequin + Nailhead = Fun
Simple application, but such WOW! factor~
Looking up….
Custom idea for your media room or library…
As mentioned in my other nailhead fetish posts, get these at any
upholstery shop or fabric store… (they are most referred to as upholstery tacks)
get the DADs brand online here.
Now for two additional bonus pics from the pros:
My kind of room by designer Jeffrey Bilhuber
 and nails on doors by Miles Redd.
As the night ended, my little setter below in turquoise! tights
didn’t look too bothered by a round, white ball!
Let me know if you already have nails on your walls!
Until next time,
Images via* Moi, Jeffrey Bilhuber, and Miles Redd

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