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My Own Kitchen Remodel: Fast and Furious

Have I opened a can of worms or what?

This is my kitchen this morning- sigh

I am living “your” side of a kitchen remodel and while I typically 
recommend that my clients stay out of the house as much as possible…
we are in it- and covered with dust!
Here’s the deal:
1. New House
2. Not so New Kitchen

Even my kid’s friends were questioning the green tile with the herb accents… whoa-
3. My Bright Ideas/ Inspirations


4. The Plan

5. Reality

I will go into a bit more detail when I show you the finished product, 
but for now… please know that I am fully aware of the fun that goes along
with a remodel including….
A. Electrician falling into the trench above while carrying 
the old microwave and balancing a flood light on top-
ohhhh, could have been worse- he’s okay:)

B. Contractor having to wash my dog after he walked through the 
wet cement floor yesterday- and folded laundry.

The flip side to this post is that we didn’t start this project until September 3 
and I have my #1 team taking care of me during the process.
Thank You….
First and foremost, Kevin, who is making it happen

and the rest of my go to team including:

Barry, Jay, Jeff, Jonathan, Lindsay, Megan, Jef, Kevin, Alan, Mark, Todd

-and my friends and my blondes
The best part is that they are your team too if you call us for a remodel.

Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “My Own Kitchen Remodel: Fast and Furious

  1. I know exactly what you are going through. My fiance and I just had out kitchen remodeled. It took way longer than I thought it was going to. I am still finding cabinet screws everywhere. I am sorry to hear about your dog going in the wet cement and folded laundry. Can't wait to see the end result.

  2. From the looks of it, I think everything you’ve planned is falling into their places perfectly. How’s your kitchen now? I’m getting excited to see on how your kitchen has improved. And from the looks of its progress, I bet the outcome is all worth the effort of the work. It surely is hard and tiresome to remodel the kitchen, but it would also be fun and enjoyable if you have great friends to help out, like yours!

  3. I’m with you on that, Chase! I’m excited to see how the kitchen would look like. 🙂 I see that the room is predominantly white. Having white walls would indeed let you experiment more on the furniture and accessories. Also, it would help balance the colors in the entire room.

    Cody Carini

  4. Thanks for your great comments! I am 95% there… And very ready. I will hopefully post pictures by the end of next week. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

  5. Don’t worry, Traci. It may seem a little messy and disoriented, but this clutter is a common sight when you are remodeling a space. Once everything is done, you can breathe a sigh of relief and marvel at the beauty of your kitchen. I was reading your previous projects and I can see that you have a great eye for design, and the outcome was awesome. I just know it will be the same for your kitchen. I can’t wait for the big reveal! Keep us posted!

  6. Your design idea for your kitchen is lovely! I understand how hard it is to have a part of your house unavailable for a period of time. But, you have to look on to greener pastures. Once the renovation is over, you can use it, and then have visitors come over to check it out. By the way, you are absolutely right about the workers/contractors! Having a good team on your side will balance out everything that needs to be done, and on time, as well.

    Herb Koguchi

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