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Luxury Closets: Purge and Splurge!

Out of pure frustration, I will be offering a new design service to all of you!

As I’ve mentioned before, you never know what will inspire good design…

a beautiful painting,
a budding tree,
a stylish pair of boots…

or a large closet that is out of control!

So, why not take my irritation….. and turn it into a fabulous opportunity
 for both you and me!

With the multitude of McMansions in North Texas come mega closets that
are at times, designed well for function and organization and more often…
 just a large room with rods and a few built in shelves.

Now it is your turn to turn the chaos into control!

You too can have a luxurious closet!

My friends…and certain family members… have heard me whining a bit lately
(you know who you are)
about how I want to rip out my entire closet set up and start over-
yes, and 95% of the contents…
(Mike, I won’t touch your half side)
I’m not really into clothes shopping and I’m guessing it is because I shop all the time…
 dressing the home instead of people.
I’ve continued my pouting by suggesting that someone comes to me with
 fabulous, stylish outfits 
 just like I bring fabulous, stylish fabrics to dress your windows, your beds, your furniture-
(just secretly slip me the name:)
Easy enough? Hmmm… quite the splurge- a girl can dream…

Our master closet has two large windows similar to the pic above.
Have I thought about adding a window treatment, not really… but I will now!
(Since it is total wasted wall space, might as well)
So, with this passionate direction I have acquired,
let’s not only make my your closet organized,
but let’s make it beautiful as well!
A turquoise closet… made for me! (But do the clothes have to be turquoise too?)
This guy is either a nurse or a painter…
Great shoe storage, glass front cabinets and a flat screen
Everything is hidden… not sure I’d go that route but I dig
the idea of a chair to put on running shoes heels and the statement rug
Smaller closets can be pretty too… consider painting yours an accent color
Or installing a ladder to reach your boots and perhaps a patterned carpet like Christina- ha!
Maybe we can forget the ladder, but if you are ready to GLAM up your closet and
make it a usable space that is chic at the same time…
We will add:
WOW lighting…
Luxurious draperies…
Patterned carpet…
Cool paint…
Custom furniture…
and a multitude of drawers, doors, cubbies, rods, racks, hooks, shelves, rods…
all designed for you!
We’ll have fun extending your master retreat right into the closet…
but for now, here are some tips for organization from
10 ways to improve the organization of your master bedroom closet

1.We know it’s hard, but we suggest downsizing your wardrobe. Ask yourself
if a garment fits and flatters your shape. If the answer is no, then it’s time
to think about donating it to a charity or second-hand store. Honest criticism is crucial
 to this process, so try to accurately assess your need for and love of your garments.

2. Since we’re talking organizational strategy, try designating sections of your
closet for different types of garments and belongings (formalwear, work attire,
 summer dresses, shoes, etc.).

3. To achieve organizational bliss, create a particular system for storing your hanging
items and belongings kept in drawers. For example, you can classify your
possessions according to color, season, brand or fabric. Plus, you can put dividers
in drawers and on pull-out shelves to keep things properly stacked.
4.  If your shelves are too deep, then you’ll struggle to maintain an accurate inventory
of everything stored on them. So we recommend installing pull-out shelves for
easy access to items like sweaters and t-shirts.

5. If you’ve collected so many blouses and Blahniks that you can hardly think
straight every time you stumble into your master bedroom closet, then consider
adding a little tech wizardry to jog your memory. You can either install a custom
computer system that indexes the precise location of everything you own, or you
can scan images of your belongings and tag their location in the closet.

(Maybe there is an Ipad app for this:)

6. Laundry happens. But to prevent it from overtaking your master
bedroom closet, incorporate pull-out laundry baskets into the design.

7. Include an island or pull-out table for efficiently packing a suitcase or
folding garments fresh from the laundry.

8. Pull-down swing rods are perfect for easy access to the belongings you want
to store in the higher regions of your closet.

9. Double the space in deep drawers by stacking clear plastic boxes with lids
that create additional layers of storage for, say, seasonal items.

10. Want to maximize your closet’s precious corner spaces? Incorporate carousels
designed to tuck into tight corners so you can see everything hanging right
before your eyes.
I’m excited and motivated!
Until next time,

9 thoughts on “Luxury Closets: Purge and Splurge!

  1. Can't imagine having some of those closets!!! I have seen people put old dressers in their closets to use the drawers which I think is a good idea. I need to work on #1 downsizing. I always think I'm going to wear it or will need it and then never really do!

  2. Ok, those custom closets are freaking unreal. My wife and I are remodeling our home right now and we wanted to redo our closet and make it into something like these. Wow, I'm seriously blown away by how beautiful these closets are!

  3. I would gladly have the mirror cabinets with no hesitation! The other cabinets are worth a try too but those mirrored cabinets are to lust for. I am seriously in love with the idea that each side of the room provides me a view of what I have prepared for the day. Thank you for brilliant concepts!

  4. I get pleasure from, cause I found just what I used to be looking for.

    You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
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