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Like Mother, Like Daughter: A Future Interior Designer

…and I heard it Thursday morning when I woke up at 4:45 am.
Kitchen: An empty can falling on the floor
Me:  Hello in there?
Kitchen: Morning, mom?
Me: You are still up?
Kitchen: Yup, going to bed now.
Something is wrong when the 13 year old is going to bed
at 5 am on a school night!
A year and a half ago, I wrote about this same
school project… but it involved my son.
Check it out  here
Middle school English requires the parents students,
to create an autography scrapbook of their lives…
And here’s a peek at Avery’s creation-
(29 pages in all!)
Each photo page required an essay…
Here’s my favorite…
Avery’s goal to become an Interior Designer
How cute is she posing in her room when she was tiny…
Even with all the crazy hours and incredible workload,
my 13 year old can see the joy in her mom
and she works a career that is so fulfilling.
I’m so lucky to do what I do!!!
Do what you love… and the rest will fall into place-
Even though it may be a process getting there:)
Until next time,

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