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Let the Flooring Steal the Show

Many times, we as designers spend so much time filling wall space, countertops, tables and sofas that areas such as the FLOORING goes overlooked.
But it shouldn’t!
Flooring can be the most important part if you let it be! Read on to find out why!
1. Darken the floors to achieve the “swimming pool effect”.
When your pool floor has been painted darker it makes it seem deeper.
The same is true for outside the water too! A darker floor gives the room more height!

2. Lighten the floors to soften the room. 
For a quiet, homey space, try painting the floors white!

3. Use an out of the ordinary color to become the ordinary. 
The more you use it, the more it becomes a “neutral” color.

4. Be bold and loud to help make the room more comfortable. 
With the bright green floors in this room, it takes the uncomfort out of any feeling and places it within the flooring instead!

 5. Paint the treads of a staircase to help define each step and set apart each movement.

6. Pull from other colors around the space. 
In this outdoor area, the natural citrine/green color pulls from the trees around the porch
for a cozy space.

Are you brave enough to paint YOUR floors?!


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