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Layered Rugs – Tips!

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!

We’ve been sourcing and purchasing rugs like crazy around here! Adding a rug to a room can spice up any space quickly. It adds color, texture and pattern to a room without having to add more fabrics.

We just purchased this Global Views Arabesque Rug for a client today, and can’t wait to see it installed! 😉 

Fill in the BLANK.
This “new” idea is something I love!

When you have a “big” area of hard flooring, it is nice to be able to split it up, 
create contrast, and spotlight certain areas by the layering of rugs.
It also makes the room seem more plush, comfortable and inviting.

Start with Sisal: The best “base” rug, in my opinion, is a natural sisal or jute rug. 
These rugs come in a variety of sizes and still give a soft hand to your feet, 
but aren’t overwhelming in color.

Choose a neutral base: Sisal rugs also come in lots of different tones of colors. 
Find one perfect for your room.

Make it Yours – Protect: It’s great to form a pattern and style perfect for your room. 
But once you do that, you want to maintain it. That is another GREAT thing about layering. 
Rugs are easily replaceable and the smallest rugs is a great protector for the larger rug, 
or wall to wall carpet.

Go with Hide – Create Contrast: A big fad is to layer the natural rug with a hide rug.
Finding the perfect hide rug can be tricky, but once you do…very rewarding!
This also gives a great contrast in color from just a basic neutral rug in the room.

Spotlight something Special – Sheepskin: Use smaller rugs to set underneath the
spotlights” in the room that you want to feature. Sheepskin may not be my favorite
aspect of this layering, but it definitely softens the room nicely.

Pick a Pair: Find two that you love and pair them!

Mix and Match: It is just great to mix and match patterns and colors.
Has anyone else done this in their home?? I love to see new ideas using this “new” technique!

Until Next Time,

3 thoughts on “Layered Rugs – Tips!

  1. Hi! I came across your blog, via google. I live in Sherman (just north of you) and had a quick question. I have thought of layering my living room rugs for quite sometime. I just dont know if I can do "high pile" on top "low" pile. I really love this rug from target…

    would it look good on top of a jute rug or a natural rug? Thanks for your help. I love your blog. Bookmarking it now and hope to learn a lot from y'all.

    1. Hi Amy!! Thanks for reading!! We love it 😉

      Absolutely! Layering a high pile rug on top of a low pile rug is the way to do it! We have a home with a large sisal rug to help take up lots of good space and then we layered a colorful, pattered rug on top of that in a smaller size and it turned out beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you for answering. I am currently trying to find the right colors and patterns for my living. I will definitely layer.

    I appreciate your opinions.

    Love reading your blog!

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