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It’s a Mickey Mouse…Playroom!

This playroom literally could not be any more fun. Our long-time clients wanted this space to be all about them, their kids, and their favorite place on earth… Disney World. It’s a Mickey Mouse…Playroom!
So how do we make an aesthetically pleasing, themed playroom that will grow with them through the years?

We went all out.
From painted ceiling “canopies” to a yellow hair-on-hide rug and everything in between.

We felt it was all about the details in this space. The hardware in itself sets it apart. Umbrella handles and numbered pulls were just a few of our unique points.

Hey Mickey! Gotta give the big guy some love.

And of course, you can count on TCI to make a space durable. With metal chairs around the table (easy for wiping up spills), fiber-sealed chairs and window seat cushions, scrubbable paint and a beautiful focal wallpaper… this room can take on anything!

And don’t forget the corner of fun 😉

What a place to PLAY.