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HOW TO…Choose Furniture for your Living Room

HOW TO…..Choose Furniture for your Living Room.

Where do we start every time we begin a new living room project? Well…you ask? Actually, we are sourcing furniture for a new living room project today!

Read on to see a few tips we have complied from Pottery Barn and around the design world when designing a living room and “how-to” make the right selections!

1. Start with the Basics:
Every living room needs a sofa, coffee table or ottoman, and lighting. After you decide on these main items, then it is easy to add lounge chairs, side tables and accessories. Just like icing on the cake!

2. Avoid the Trends
Stay classy…you don’t want to make the investment of nice, new furniture, only to realize it has that “dated” look 5 years later. We like to say, stick with clean lines and classic shapes for your larger furniture pieces and make a statement in your art, colors and accessories …
or a few smaller furniture pieces.
3. Do the Math
Get out that tape measure! Once you know what type of furniture you like, now it is time to make sure it fits! Use painters tape or a scaled drawing to draw out the pieces of furniture and be sure everything you love will fit correctly. What is worse that buying, loving and investing in a piece of furniture, for it to only come in and not fit?!

4. Stick to a Plan
Once you have made all your decisions, stay true to your plan. It’s easy to second, triple guess yourself. But don’t worry…you did good! Bring your design together with great lighting and accessories,
and step back to admire!

We specialize in custom furniture, so call us to help out ;)!!

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  1. Totally agree with the 2nd rule. If you go with the classics you'll always get ir right. Timeless design is timeless for some reason, isn't it? My lamps always come from Delightfull ( if you don't know them already) and they're the finest example of how a timeless design always suits any decor option.

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