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How to keep those succulents THRIVING.

What is our go-to house plant, you ask?? Well that’s an easy one : SUCCULENTS. They are the perfect, easy, life-giving plant that is also modern. But if you’re not a green thumb, can you keep it alive? YEP you sure can. It’s easy! Here’s how to keep those succulents THRIVING.

  1. Find the right base:

    You want good drainage and fast draining soil to keep those succulents dry most of the time.


  2. Plenty of light:

    Ideally succulents need 6 hours of sunlight to thrive. Bright and sunny is the place for them to be! A window sill, by a big ole window… you get the picture.


  3. Water sparingly and don’t forget!

    Succulents need to dry out completely. Even placing a couple ice cubes in the plant every couple days and letting them slowly melt may be the ticket!


  4. Yep… even Feed it!

    A mild fertilizer will help the life of the plant become longer and more fruitful!


  5. Warm and dry:

    Simply said — not too cold and not too wet!


Go get you some new house plants and see how good of a green thumb you can be!!