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De-Clutter without going Minimalist

Piggy-backing on our “DeCLUTTER” blogging trend this week, we have realized that many people might associate de cluttering with “minimalism” or extreme modern. BUT it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to De-Clutter without going minimalist!

This is how to achieve a less cluttered home with some love:

1. Go up the walls – “declutter first, storage second”. Whether it’s in bookcases or built ins, use those walls to hide the clutter.

2. Take FULL advantage of hallways: Mud rooms, storage benches and more.

3. Tame the kitchen – put away unused appliances. Hide as many things.

4. Secret storage is key: From storage ottomans to fully enclosed closets, hiding is the name of the game.

5. Use what you love: This room is far from minimalist, yet it is completely clutter free!



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