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Client Project: Highland Park Spec Home- Go Pale (in hardwood floors!)

Who says light wood is “out-of-date” or “old”??
Not US. WE love the way a pale floored home screams new, modern and in style.
We recently completed this spec home with all natural light wood floors for a stunning result!
What makes them so great?! Here’s the top 5 reasons WHY:
Space Expander –
The space seems endless when the floors are light and ongoing!
Coordinate with Walls:
Choose light paint for the walls as well to open the home up to a light and airy feel
Becomes the Perfect Canvas:
With a seemingly “blank” canvas in a light hardwood floor .. your color and texture options for the furniture and fabrics are unlimited
Creates Informal Functional Spaces:
Darker hardwoods seem to give off a more formal and structured feel, while the light wood makes you want to sit back and relax
Mix it Up:
Don’t be afraid of the dark wood though! Bring it in around the home in other places like we did in the spec home kitchen!
Go Pale!


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