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Client Project: Design Delivered Boho Teen Bedroom

A little FLASHBACK to a Client Project DESIGN DELIVERED Boho Teen Bedroom! What a perfect time to create a space for your kiddos after a long several weeks at home!
These clients entrust us with their space, send us all the measurements, inspirations, and photos of things they like, and we take the reigns and turn it into a dream space.
For this sophisticated 13 year old, her dream of a boho chic bedroom hopefully came to life!
In the creative realm of Traci Connell Interiors, every project is an artistic canvas blending client aspirations, contemporary trends, and our design ethos. Our boho chic-inspired teen bedroom embodies a fusion of eclectic styles and the client’s distinct personality. Drawing inspiration from the client’s vibrant spirit and love for artistic freedom, we curated a space that radiates both comfort and bold expression. Embracing the bohemian ethos of free-spiritedness, we infused the room with layers of texture, pops of color, and an array of playful patterns. Complementing these elements, our design philosophy of crafting spaces that harmonize functionality with aesthetics guided the process. The result was a harmonious convergence of whimsical details, trendy accents, and a relaxed ambiance, resonating perfectly with the client’s vision. This project exemplifies our commitment to translating diverse inspirations into cohesive, yet distinctive, designs that celebrate individuality and comfort.
boho bedroom

We were able to fit a sitting area, along with her bed and a vanity space all in her room.  The color scheme of blue, blush and cream with pops of mustard and COPPER metal rang through the design.

cozy boho bedroom

With gray finished wood, wall hung tapestries and specialty lights hung around, the “boho” design was created.

boho decor bedroom

We chose to incorporate copper as the metal as it is not a flashy color, but blends nicely with a blush color scheme.

We supply the client with all the necessary drawings as well as links to their product so they can go and purchase everything and install it themselves!

At Traci Connell Interiors, our Design Delivered program epitomizes our commitment to crafting bespoke spaces, regardless of geographical boundaries. This innovative service caters to clients who aren’t physically present, offering a seamless and immersive design experience. Leveraging advanced technology and digital tools, we initiate a collaborative journey where distance is no obstacle. Through virtual consultations, detailed questionnaires, and interactive design presentations, we bridge the gap, ensuring our clients remain an integral part of the creative process. While challenges like spatial assessments and tactile experiences exist, our adept team navigates these obstacles with finesse, leveraging cutting-edge visualization tools and robust communication to deliver design concepts, mood boards, and realistic renderings that resonate with the client’s vision. The benefits of Design Delivered are profound – it provides unparalleled convenience, saves time, and enables us to curate tailored designs that capture our clients’ unique preferences and lifestyle seamlessly. This program offers a gateway for individuals worldwide to experience our signature style, innovative solutions, and personalized service, cementing our dedication to making every space reflect the client’s essence, irrespective of their physical location. For those seeking a design journey unbound by distance, Design Delivered stands as an invitation to explore the possibilities of crafting a dream space tailored precisely to their needs, effortlessly delivered to their doorstep.

Check out more about our Design Delivered package here!


Traci Connell Interiors, led by Traci Connell, inspires and captivates with visionary design and an attention to detail that makes each project exceptional and memorable. Known nationally for creating inspired environments paired with durable design, our team curates projects unique to each client and their way of living.

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