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Christmas Decor Tips and Tricks!

Christmas time is in full swing! In the stores, on the radio, 
AND in many, many homes full of garlands and glitter…
Each year, I try to add just one new holiday decoration
…and this year it is a white Christmas tree.
Yes, I did buy it off of Craigslist after the holidays last year, 
but don’t snub your nose yet!
Take a look now-
and take a look back here to see the rest of my house…
taken last year but repeated now!
Do you ever seem to have a loss of ideas for how to make your Christmas decorations 
just a little bit different than last year? Here are a few ideas for table top decor, 
mantel garnishes, wreath making, and Christmas tree decorations and themes!

Traditional Colored Tabletop:

Bring out the reds and whites!
Use a small tree skirt as a centerpiece on your table and layer small snowmen and
mini Christmas trees around to create a winter wonderland. If you have a light
fixture above your table, bring out your craftiness and make a snowflake chain
to hang from the light!

Elegant Silver Tabletop: 

Looking for a softer, more subtle and formal tabletop decor?
Layer your place-settings with silver chargers and create different levels by using
different height candle sticks topped with a single ivory candle. White flowers with a touch
of pine tree garland will add the pop of color you are looking for.

Garland and Beaded Mantel: 

Cover that beautiful mantel with plenty of beautiful garlands! 
Even some colored garlands, such as this silver pine, can be quite excellent 
when matched with red tulle or fabric softly tossed in the background of the 
mantel. Use cranberry beads and garlands (found at any craft store) 
to drape asymmetrically  off the mantel.
Bannered Mantel:

Craft an elegant “banner” out of ornaments spelling out
“Merry Christmas” that you could even make yourself!

Want to spruce up your front door?

Try one of these DIY wreath tutorials by clicking the image to find the “how to”!

Snowfall Christmas Tree:

Combine all your traditional Christmas ornaments with a few new
icicle ornaments or short bead strands to create a “snowfall”
effect on your Christmas Tree

Theme your tree!: 

Choose a theme that reflects your family and traditions

Happy Christmas decorating!
Until next time,


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