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Checkered Floor and Checking Yourself…

I really love this-
Well said, Mr. De La Renta…
Is it the sexy black dress? No
Is it my motivation to lose a few pounds? No
Is it a reminder to strut your stuff
and portray your confidence? YES!
I just dig it
One of the goals of our design firm is to give
YOU the confidence to step out and take
a chance with your surroundings.
We are currently designing a large foyer with a
dark gray and white checkerboard floor, heavy
millwork and edgy wallpaper.
The stunning tiles are Ann Sacks Neve 18×18 spruced up with the
Pewter Limestone- Custom Bardiglio Honed Marble
 Here’s our inspiration:

Imagine leaving the party now???

One thought on “Checkered Floor and Checking Yourself…

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