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Cable Knit Craze

What will be your TEXTURE of choice this fall? We are falling in love with the cable knit craze that so many have jumped on the bandwagon for.
Not only is it comfy, soft and beautiful, but the thick twists and turns in the pattern give off a relaxed and textural vibe.


From blankets, to pillows and everything in between … you can “cable knit” just about anything.
We love this classic pouf knitted.
A cable knit pattern on a rug is also soft on the feet,  and comfy on the eyes.
This marled cable knit throw just may be one of our favs. Adorable and functional.


Here’s how a few used cable knit into their designs:


Accent throw blankets on the bed are perfect for showing off a little texture and spice. Since they are “accents” it works best since the cable knit texture doesn’t jive too well with washable/and sleeping. This is simply a piece to be just beautiful.
This cable knit rug transforms this minimalist entry. Adding a new dimension of design that wasn’t present before.
What shall be YOUR choice this fall?!



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