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Bring Habersham Home!

I know this is a small pic, but it is massive in style! 
My daughter who live in Austin is looking for bedroom furniture
(which is totally hilarious since she has not one design bone in her body). 
I offered to send her some photos of options, but she was up for the
challenge and went shopping a few weekends ago. 
The first dresser she emailed had some sort of tree bark feature on the the front
of the drawers… uh no.  She got better as the day went on, but of course
did not pull the trigger and seal the deal!
(It’s better that she sticks to her day job:)
So… last week I thought I’d offer her our master bedroom furniture
(which is 12 years old)
and she kindly turned me down and said it was too big for her room. 
I think she was being kind… but isn’t FREE the best kind?
I want the look above… or the look below brought to you by
American Treasures… wow! 
During the Dallas Spring Market, I met the local Habersham rep, Mark,
and he has been sending me eye candy ever since!
This would make a perfect bachelor’s chest for me you!
Habersham is a leader in high end furniture who is known for
expert designand quality craftmanship.
The artisans hand finish every piece and sign and date it… truly making it custom for you!
The wood/mirror combo is soooo up my alley!!!
Heart flutters-
They describe the American Treasures Collection as:
Timeless style. Clean, classic lines
Who does that sound like?  I LOVE IT!
While Habersham is new on the block for this more modern look, take a minute to view what they are known for… it is simply stunning!
Custom Cabinetry
It takes my breath away…
Check out the finish!
The scrollwork on the glass fronts… ahhhhh
Entryways as well-
 and bathrooms, too!!!!
Another surprise is that they customize dressing areas as well…
check out the website to see them.
If you are ready to bring a little Habersham to your home, call me!
Until next time,
Images via* Google images, Habersham

2 thoughts on “Bring Habersham Home!

  1. Hahaha- you nailed it, T. When you come to Austin for a Longhorn game this fall, we can do a little shopping. Until then, I'll have to live with the hand-me-down of your's I'm current using… white wicker (grasp!).

    P.s. Do they sell pink MacBooks? 🙂

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