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Bed Head!

After a wonderful and relaxing birthday, I am up early working on a few ideas for
a client’s guest room project.  I think I want to work on this job now, because
I’m tired… missed Boot Camp (oops) and contemplating whether to go back to bed
So with “Beds” on my mind, my advice to you this morning is that the bedroom
needs to start with a great mattress headboard… period.

Gone are the days when the headboard needs to match the nightstands that matches
the dresser, etc.  You can still have a well put together design scheme with a
unique focal point at the head of the bed!
99% of the headboards I’m drawn to these days are upholstered…
-with or without a wood frame
-with or without nailhead trim
-with or without a lot of curves
To me, it will either be about the simplicity of the fabric or the
boldness of the print to create the feeling you want in your retreat
(whether it is your master bedroom or a room for guests).
Here is a custom look I created for a little princess… it evokes a castle
feeling complete with the rhinestones inside the tufting!
I have been collecting a few favorite headboard/bedroom ideas for a while that I’d like to share with you… mainly because my master bedroom needs a makeover! 
When we purchased our house, I went gang busters and redid almost every room
and bathroom, except for the master retreat. 
 I see this a lot- clients saving their space for last
I understand… I’m guilty.  On the flip side, I’m gathering my ideas and inspiration
when the day arrives for me to do it right!
Very simple and elegant- love the wings on the headboard
Add the Glam (or skip the base and footboard to save $$$$)
Words cannot express how I feel about this- notice what the white
cording does for the headboard… wow!
Perfect for guest or kids room!
So classic, yet will not break the bank-
I do have a thing for nailhead detail-
Here are a few more style pointers when considering a new headboard:
-Fabric upholstered headboards are ideal for comfort and can be customized to your look
-Leather headboards are good for bringing a sleek, modern look to contemporary bedrooms
-Metal headboards will give a room a chic, urban feel

-Wooden headboards can go either way- traditional feel or more modern like this beauty-
I’ll keep saving pictures for my bedroom, but I am certainly ready to help you on yours!
Call me and we’ll get started:)
Until next time,
***I apologize in advance for not having all the tags for these awesome rooms. I have been collecting them for personal use but couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

5 thoughts on “Bed Head!

  1. I was just telling my husband that I wanted to do an upholstered headboard soon – this will be great to show him what I'm talking about!!

  2. We finally finished redecorating the kitchen. I love it. I will send pictures as soon as I take some. I am about to tackle Chris' room. He doesn't want me to do change anything, so I will wait until he is sleeping at someone's house. LOL If you have any suggestions for his room I would appreciate it. I am going to IKEA this weekend to try to find inspiration!!

  3. Your designs and decorations are very inspiring. I would love to have my bedroom look like the one in the 1st photo. I will be re-designing my room this weekend coz I am having issues with sleep and I was advised to re-decorate my room and make it a relaxing one.

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