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Bathroom Remodel from Drab to Fab

This bathroom remodel is near to my heart. In my last home, I moved in with my teenage kiddos and there were PLENTY of projects to be had. This one though, got pushed to the end. Because, “no one ever sees it but me” …


bathroom remodel highland park

We hate when clients use that excuse! Because who should better enjoy it BUT YOU!! You deserve it!! And oh boy, did I!!

I ended up HERE … keep scrolling to find out what it was before

modern bathroom

BEFORE: Can you imagine. There was some seriously needed love in this space.

bathroom remodel highland park

This was a relatively easy remodel too! With a few tile replacements, a fresh coat of paint, frameless shower and the fun stuff like mirrors, hardware and countertops … It really updated the space in a flash.

frameless shower

BEFORE: We know you love those gold Hollywood lights … whew. They needed to GO!

bathroom remodel highland park

The biggest change of all was the free standing tub. This was a non-negotiable and it really did make ALL the difference.

free standing bath tub

Does you bathroom look a bit like the before pics??? Give us a call. We like to have fun (hints the Global Views face art 😉 … and make your space beautiful!! Your next bathroom remodel may be just around the corner!