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Wide Open Spaces

These kind of space CAN be tricky to design. Many clients just can’t figure out how
 to create a smooth flowing layout… 
and that is where we come in!
We are excited about a new clients home in Fort Worth which has an incredible OPEN floor plan, with a very large living space. As you can tell from the floor plan below… 
there is enough space to place at least 3 seating groups! WOW!

(I think we rocked it on the space planning if I do say so myself!)

How do you manage to do this without it looking 
overcrowded or jumbled? 
1. It’s all about creating the seating groups. Area rugs are a huge help in this area, to pull the groups together and balance them with the space. 
2. Symmetry – Instead of angling items or spacing them unevenly, it is nice to be able to mirror the seating group, set the furniture straight and orderly for a room that holds a lot of pieces.

3. Low Pieces – In order to be able to have a seemingly open plan, use lower backed sofas, low benches and chairs so that the room can been seen over one plane.

Do you have a “wide open space” that needs some TLC??
We’ll be sure to post the After shots for this Ft. Worth Beauty!


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