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Why to let the Pro’s Handle your Kid’s Room Design

“I’ve got this” … you say. “It’s just my 2 year old daughter’s room”… you think. Nope, nope and NOPE. Here’s why to let the Pro’s handle your kid’s room design.

  • Organization
  • Storage Maximizing
  • Clutter free
  • Stain-proof needs
  • Aesthetics

While all these things may seem manageable, we do this on the DAILY. We know where to hide that special collection of hot wheels when you aren’t playing with them, or how to disguise a necessary storage piece as a beautiful collection!

Aesthetics ARE important:

As your kiddos get older, they will start taking pride in their “stuff”. Loving what is THEIR’S. This is why we incorporate their favorite themes, items, colors and more to make this their special place they love.

Modern boys bedroom - traci connell interiors

Storage has to happen:

Kids come with Why? That is the million dollar question. But it’s true. SO we find creative ways to conceal each diaper, burp cloth, blanket and more.

ABC Dresser - Traci COnnell Interiors

Organization is KEY:

Playrooms can be quite daunting… to the average person. But we are not average. We specialize in making life easier for YOU so you can enjoy LIFE itself. Think about how much life happens in a playroom. We create that perfect place with a perfect place for each item so you are not overwhelmed with clutter.

modern green playroom traci connell interiors

And how else would you get number-hardware labeled drawers?!
disney playroom 1 traci connell interiors

Clutter free:

When our client asks for a Disney inspired playroom… you might think that could quickly get QUITE cluttered. But no… we accomplished Disney to the MAX without one once of clutter but utilizing storage + color evenly.

disney playroom traci connell interiors

Stain-Resistant EVERYTHING:

Have you met a 2 year old? Well we have. And last we checked, the word M.E.S.S. just follows them around. Pretty much everywhere. So we use all stain-resistant fabrics and washable bedding to kid-proof each surface in their room.

Modern Nursery - Traci Connell Interiors

Gotta keep that room lasting ALL through the years.

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