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Trying to “Keep Calm and Carry On”…

Add a large purse and
twelve shopping bags…
and that’s me!
I have a case of the “Bad Blogger” syndrome and I greatly apologize!
(Burning the candle at both ends puts it mildly:)
Not only has time escaped me, but my laptop has too!
It’s not the time of year for my computer to crash…
especially the one with all my files and photos.
Nonetheless, I did manage to keep up with work, but my social media took a dive.
I “tried” to follow this saying that I love…
…the little voice that I constantly hear in my head!
This image is from the website Keep Calm and Carry On and they had an
 interesting blurb regarding the origination of this saying…
It’s funny that is was created in Britain but never widely distributed… until now!
To match every space in the home… or office… they offer every color under the sun-

I think this is most appropriate for all
of us these days! 
So if you are still in a crunch for gift ideas, grab a sign from above or check out these
other cute prints I found from the Keep Calm Gallery. They would make a whimsical
addition to a bookcase, small empty wall or on the bathroom mirror!!!!!

Or for a constant reminder, I, for one, should purchase this Iphone case
for the Iphone I don’t know how to use yet.

Ok, that is the last of my pouting and I’m redirecting my energy right now!!! But with that
said, if you do know of an Iphone app that I HAVE TO HAVE
leave me a comment below!
Until next time,


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