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Taking the Steps to Spruce your Staircase

No longer do you have to think of staircases as a “pain” to climb, or dread each step.We’ve discovered the secret to making them more beautiful with every level! (we can’t speak to the cardio workout you’ll get climbing them though 😉 Here’s to taking the steps to spruce your staircase.
This beautiful staircase of our sweet clients at their beach house has inspired us to dig deeper into staircase design.

Everything from material, shape, size and construction can form what a staircase looks and feels like, and what design mantra it gives.

A closed staircase. This creates choppiness in a space that may be needed to delineate areas. By the use of a color change on the staircase, it adds to the modern black and white feel.

Change of Material: From stone to wood siding, this staircase can now become versatile with the use of textures.

Center support: A seemingly floating staircase is constructed by the use of one center beam throughout the bottom of this staircase giving it an open and airy appearance,

Floating and enclosed baluster: Not the typical “baluster” …. connected from the step to the ceiling for an unconventional support.

Metal + Wood: The under side can be just as important as the tread. With an exposed base, this gives the design a chance to shine with industrial love.

Floating with Side Support: Instead of a center support, this staircase went with side support and an open riser giving a floating appearance.

Make your staircase the extraordinary


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