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Simple Flowers for a Modern Space

Many people may think that flowers are “out of style” …. or “traditional”…. but we say NO! If you use the RIGHT flowers in the correct way, you can accomplish things accessories just can’t. That’s where simple flowers come into play! And here at TCI we can help place just the right ones!
Here are some of our favorite foliage for a contemporary setting, and HOW to use them correctly!
This little bud is not only adorable button add just the right about of color in a small vase, or series of vases.


Yep, we aren’t kidding! This “flower” provides texture without distracting with color. Bundle several sticks together for a full, space-taking-up pop!


We love this huge flower. On a floor, or in a giant vase, it screams “HELLO” in a beautiful way.


We recently used this floral as a styling device that stood out as unique, and NEW. Place in a bowl or bunch together in a vase.
modern flowers


Simple and classic. These are minimal buds and we love the simplistic look they give off. Clear glass vases are the best way to get your money’s worth on this guy.
flower decor


Split-leaf philodendron:
Yes, that’s a tongue twister — but well worth it. One or two of these leaves will leave you happy and excited to view a floral any day.
simple flowers


Similar to the first flower, we love this for it’s round, simplistic shape and color. But the large bud this time makes for an extra special surprise!
simple flowers


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