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New Home Journals : Courtney’s House — Moving In

HI! Courtney here —
Well it is finally official … WE.ARE.IN.
Because of the craziest Texas-February-Weather ever … the snow and sleet kept pushing our close date back, and back, and back. We thought we may not get in till summer if all this snow didn’t melt!!
This is literally what our house looked like on closing day –– and believe it or not.. WE CLOSED in the snow! I was ready to rent everybody sled dogs, if they would just get to our closing.
After the chaotic closing, we finally got our things moved into the home. If you’ve ever moved before… you’ll be with me on the fact that it isn’t the most fun experience. 
We are now surfacing from the tops of boxes and miscellaneous items that we have no clue where they go and beginning to see our floors once again.
While we are NO-WHERE near done… we are getting closer. I’ve taken a few iPhone pics to walk you through our work-in-progress home. 
My favorite part of this kitchen might be the glass sphere pendants… or maybe the gray backsplash… either way, it’s a toss up and I love how it turned out.
 The Breakfast Nook:
We are enjoying the indirect afternoon light we get through these windows and
 how it brightens up the space!

Like I said — work in progress (and iPhone pics … note climbing baby on side table), but this angle shows how our family room opens to the kitchen for great entertaining purposes.

This was where all our boxes sat while we unpacked them! So needless to say, this room has come a long way. While art and accessories are still to come, the fact that the boxes are gone, the furniture is in and the drapes are hung wins a gold medal in my book!

Our small home office serves just the purpose we needed it to! 
... Storage and a desk. And we love it!

NOW…. dare I show you the REALLY unfinished areas of the home?!? (I’m cringing just thinking about it)… ok if you promise you’ll trust me that it IS going to come together.
The two biggest, last items we are waiting on to be completed are the 
stone fireplace/mantel and the TV installation guys.

As you can see from this angle .. there should be a wall mounted TV in between the two art pieces and the middle piece should be on the mantel that isn’t hung yet. 
BUT we will get there.
This is our biggest wait. I, (of course) didn’t order enough stone for the fireplace (note the missing tile up the sides and at the bottom), and the hearth stone (which will be a gray quartz slab) hasn’t been cut yet.  So for now, we stare at this beauty and step over the pretty gray stained wood beam mantel sitting on the floor of our garage 
as we await these last pieces!
There you have it! Our work-in-progress, but oh-so-happy house. We are ready to see it finally REALLY completed 😉
 Stay tuned for REAL pics when it is done!


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