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Market Madness: Day Four- Love the Lighting

Wherever I go, interesting lighting draws me in-
No exception in the Dallas Market Showrooms last week.

After looking at this pic, I’m not sure if it was the lighting or the hot pink/ black and white combo!
Now I did say “interesting” lighting not necessarily, “practical“…
maybe for your nightclub, beauty salon or teen suite
For your breakfast nook- all above from Cyan Design
Love, Love, Love
Perfect for my your family room
Remember, it takes only one custom or unexpected piece in a room to catch the eye!
Neat for a kitchen desk or home office (by Sterling Industries)
Check out the egg shaped lamps and don’t forget wall sconces by Global Views,
when you are limited on space
I ran into a friend who owns this sweet lighting line… the Jubilee Collection
Close up for baby’s new nursery
These pictures scratch the surface… I am a light and lamp hound!  Now, why are all of you afraid of mixing and matching your lighting?  Tell me, tell me please!!!!!
Until next time,
Images via: Moi