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Great Garage Organization Gadgets and Tips!

In honor of “National Clean Out Your Garage
which is the Saturday after Labor Day, Traci Connell Interiors is making it a office-wide holiday!
Everyone would love to have a clean, organized and presentable garage…
especially when the door is open. How
do you make that happen
? And even more, how do you KEEP it looking that way?
We have a few tips on how to make AND keep your garage free of
            – First,
try to get as much off the floor as possible. It goes without saying, when you
can see the floor…clutter seems to disappear. Make use of wall storage or even
ceiling hung storage. Use bins, baskets and buckets (the 3 B’s) to “hide”
/ organize all the miscellaneous pieces that seem to end up lying around in
strange places.

            – Second,
empty and start over. By taking everything out of your garage, you are able to
reassess the situation, donate items you can part with and then put it all back
(or maybe throw away what you DON’T need!) in an organized manner. 

            – Third…Label!
If you have adequately utilized your bins and storage solutions, you will NEED
to label. You can create cute or simple labels, but as long as they are grouped
with “like” items. This helps you to easily locate all those
“miscellaneous pieces” that you stored away back in step 1. By putting tools
with tools and gardening items with gardening items, you shouldn’t need to tear
the garage apart each time you go to look for that one missing item.

            – And
last but not least… Keep it up! If its neat and tidy, it will encourage other
family members to KEEP it neat and tidy. Everyone has to do their job. If you
get something out, make sure to put it back where you found it and you will not
have to go on a scavenger hunt each time you need it again!

Yes, this will take several
…maybe even days to complete, but following these tips will help you
breath easier each time you head out to the car, or begin yard work, or even
just take the trash out. The garage will be a place you can enjoy, not be
scared of!

And most importantly, be sure to follow the FOURTH step very closely…
then maybe next year on the Saturday
after Labor Day
, you won’t be stuck out in the heat pulling old boxes and
dead leaves out of your garage! 😉


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