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Designing with YOU in Mind

When it comes to creating a space that is perfect for YOU, 
it is important that the designer has YOU at the forefront of their minds.
Here at TCI  we make it some of our first questions and definitely our top priority to find out what makes you… YOU. 
We always ask a few questions that can play into the design in so many ways…find out what those questions are and HOW they transpire into the design:
1. How does your family live?
– it is important to know which rooms are the most “lived in”
– do you have kids or pets that like to “rearrange” things
– do you prefer to live comfortably with little clutter or more streamlined and organized
This particular client loved to be comfortable… yet wanted a chic appearance. So we combined the soft sofa with the clean white fabric for a great pair.
2. Do you have any particular items that are meaningful to you that you would like to incorporate into your home?
– many times clients will have a piece of furniture passed down through the family or a set of china that has a particular color way that we will use as a jumping off point for the design
The client has a set of china that is displayed in the tops of her cabinets that combined the yellow and gray color ways that now make up her kitchen!
3. What is the color that you are most drawn to?
– most clients have a color that they just LOVE. We love to incorporate this. It is important for each client to feel at home in their HOME.
– this also personalizes the space to make it THEIR OWN!
This client loved the color blue but already had this dining table set that did not incorporate that color. So we put on our thinking caps and were able to pull it all together!!
What makes YOU … you?


Traci Connell Interiors, led by Traci Connell, inspires and captivates with visionary design and an attention to detail that makes each project exceptional and memorable. Known nationally for creating inspired environments paired with durable design, our team curates projects unique to each client and their way of living.

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